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BMD-A3 Basic ultrasound bone densitometer for bone density testing

Short Description:

Portable Ultrasound Bone Densitometer for pharmaceutical company for bone density testing

— To measure the bone density or bone strength of the People’s radius and tibia for Preventing osteoporosis

Product Detail

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Safe for the measurement of younger or pregnant person, with non-invasive nature of ultrasound


Convenient measuring parts: 1/3 of Radius and Middle of Tibia  


Approx. 3 seconds per measurement, suitable for screening test for osteoporosis


Main Function of the portable ultrasound Bone Densitometry is to measure the bone density or bone strength of the People's radius and tibia. It is for Preventing osteoporosis.

It is an economic solution for evaluating the risk of osteoporotic fracture. Its high accuracy assists in the first diagnosis of osteoporosis monitoring bone changes. It provides fast, convenient and easy-to-use informations on bone quality and fracture risk.

this model is very easy to carry , this model was choose by GSK, Roche Group,999 Group, Wyeth and Amyway and yangshengtang , Byhealth, Renhe, some other pharmaceutical company, they use this do bone density testing, to promote their medicine


Our BMD have extensive application: it used for Maternal and Child Health Centers, Geriatric Hospital, Sanatorium, Rehabilitation Hospital, Bone Injury Hospital, Physical Examination Center, Health Center, Community Hospital, Pharmaceutical factory, Pharmacy and Health Care Products
The Department of the General Hospital, Such as Pediatric Department, Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, Orthopedics Department, Geriatrics Department, Physical Examination, Department, Rehabilitation Department

Performance parameter:

1.Measurement parts: radius and Tibia
2. Measurement mode: double emission and double receiving
3.Measurement parameters: Speed of sound (SOS)
4.Analysis Data: T- Score, Z-Score, Age percent[, Adultt percent[, BQI (Bone quality Index ), PAB[Year] (physiological age of bone), EOA[Year] (Expected Osteoporosis age), RRF(Relative Fracture Risk). BMI , SOS
5.Measurement Accuracy : ≤0.25%

6.Measurement Reproducibility: ≤0.25%
7.Measurement time:
Three Cycles adults measuring time Three Cycle Children measuring time < 3seconds
8.Probe frequency : 1.20MHz

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