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Winter bone maintenance, starting from the basic necessities of life

the basic necessities of life1

After the winter, the weather becomes colder and colder, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large. If we do not pay attention to maintaining our bones at this time, it is easy to cause diseases such as arthritis and frozen shoulder. Then, how to maintain our bones in winter Woolen cloth? I believe that many people will have such troubles, so we will briefly introduce the maintenance of bones from the aspects of clothing, food, housing and transportation.

The temperature in winter is very low, and the bones are easy to catch cold. At this time, we must pay attention to keeping warm to effectively prevent bone diseases. If it is a patient who already has bone diseases, do not let the affected area suffer from a second cold. It is recommended to wear warm knee pads and waist support to protect our affected area when going out. The general principle is, do not catch cold, do not alternate between hot and cold.

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What we eat determines our physique and whether we have resistance, so what we eat is very important for the maintenance of bones. Eating foods rich in calcium, vitamins and easy to digest, such as milk, lotus seed porridge and other foods, is conducive to enhancing physical fitness; stay away from high-salt foods and carbonated beverages, processed foods and restaurant foods are relatively high in salt and should be avoided. Eating less is better. Eating too much salty food and carbonated beverages can easily lead to fractures.

Living is an essential part of our lives, but the type of house we choose to live in is also very important for the maintenance of our bones. When choosing a house, try not to choose a shady and damp room. The dampness is easy to produce cold, which is very unfavorable for the bones and will lead to many rheumatic diseases.

Active exercise can also play a role in the maintenance of our bones. Weight-bearing training, such as walking, running, and strength training, promotes bone cell development and strengthens bones. However, excessive exercise should not be carried out, which will be counterproductive and easily lead to diseases such as joint pain.

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Using Pinyuan Bone densitometry to measuring Bone mineral density. They with High measurement accuracy and good repeatability.,Pinyuan Bone densitometer  is  for measuring the bone density or bone strength of the People’s radius and tibia. It is for Preventing osteoporosis.It is used to measure the human bone condition of adults/children of all ages,And reflect the bone mineral density of the whole body, the detection process is non-invasive to the human body, and is suitable for the screening of bone mineral density of all people.

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Bone health is not an overnight thing, but the result of a long-term adherence to nutrition + exercise + healthy lifestyle, especially in the cold winter, try to maintain moderate exercise and adequate sun exposure!

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Post time: Nov-14-2022