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Why should pregnant women have bone density tested?

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In order to give birth to a healthy baby, pregnant women always take extra care, the physical condition of the mother-to-be, that is, the physical condition of the baby. Therefore, expectant mothers should pay special attention to their own bodies, and should do relevant examinations on a regular basis. Bone density testing is an indispensable one.

Pregnant women need a lot of calcium to support the growth and development of their children during pregnancy, and they also need to ensure their own supply is normal, otherwise it will lead to calcium deficiency in children or osteoporosis in pregnant women, and the consequences are quite serious. Therefore, doctors generally recommend that you do A bone density test to check if your body needs calcium supplements.

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Why should pregnant women have bone density tested?

1.Pregnancy and lactation are special populations who need bone density testing. Ultrasound bone mineral density detection has no effect on pregnant women and fetuses, so it can be used to observe the dynamic changes of bone mineral during pregnancy and lactation multiple times.
2. The bone calcium reserve (too high, too low) of pre-pregnancy women and pregnant women is very important to the healthy development of the fetus. Bone density testing can help you understand the bone status during pregnancy, do a good job in pregnancy health care, and prevent pregnancy complications (Osteoporosis and gestational hypertension in pregnant women). Due to the prevalence of nutritional structure problems among adults in our country, it is very important to check regularly and receive correct guidance.

3.The loss of bone calcium during lactation is rapid. If the bone density is low at this time, the bone calcium of nursing mothers and young children may decrease.
How to read the bone density report?
Bone density testing in pregnant women is usually the method of choice for ultrasound testing, which is fast, inexpensive, and has no radiation. Ultrasounds can detect bone density in the hands and heels, which can give you an idea of the health of your bones throughout your body.

The results of bone mineral density testing were expressed by T value and Z value.

The “T value” is divided into three intervals, each of which represents a different meaning——
-1﹤T value﹤1 normal bone mineral density
-2.5﹤T value﹤-1 low bone mass and bone loss
T value

T value is a relative value. In clinical practice, T value is usually used to judge whether the bone density of the human body is normal. It compares the bone density obtained by the tester with the bone density of healthy young people aged 30 to 35 to obtain high Number of standard deviations above (+) or below (-) young adults.

The “Z value” is divided into two intervals, each of which also represents a different meaning——

-2﹤Z value indicates that the bone mineral density value is within the range of normal peers
Z value ≤-2 indicates that the bone density is lower than that of normal peers

The Z value is also a relative value, which compares the bone mineral density value of the corresponding subject with the reference value according to the same age, same sex and same ethnic group. The presence of Z values below the reference value should be brought to the attention of the patient and clinician.

How to supplement calcium for pregnant women most effectively
According to data surveys, pregnant women need about 1500mg of calcium per day during pregnancy to meet the needs of themselves and their children, which is about twice the demand of non-pregnant women. It can be seen that it is very necessary for pregnant women to supplement calcium during pregnancy. Whether calcium deficiency, the most convenient way is to check the bone density.


If the calcium deficiency is not too serious, it is not recommended to take medicine supplements, it is better to get it from a large amount of food. For example, eat more shrimp, kelp, fish, chicken, eggs, soy products, etc., and drink a box of fresh milk every day. If calcium deficiency is very serious, you must take calcium supplements under the guidance of your doctor, and you can’t blindly take medicines sold in pharmacies, which is not good for your child and yourself.

Post time: Aug-22-2022