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Who does osteoporosis “prefer”? These people are easy to have osteoporosis


Osteoporosis is a complex disease affected by multiple risk factors. The risk factors include genetic factors and environmental factors. Fractive fractures are serious consequences of osteoporosis, and there are also multiple risk factors that are exotic of bones and fractures.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to identifying the risk factors of osteoporosis and its complications, screening high -risk groups, diagnosing and preventing osteoporosis as soon as possible, and reducing the occurrence of fractures.

The risk factors of osteoporosis are divided into uncontrollable and controllable factors. The latter includes unhealthy lifestyle, disease, and drugs.

Uncontrollable factors
Mainly races (the risk of osteoporosis: white people are higher than yellow people, and yellow people are higher than black people), aging aging, women’s menopause, and brittle fracture family history.

Control factor
Unhealthy lifestyle: including less physical activity, smoking, excessive drinking, excessive drinking of caffeine -containing drinks, nutritional imbalances, excessive or insufficient protein intake, deficiency of calcium or vitamin D, high sodium diet, and low physical quality.

Who does osteoporosis “prefer”?
Partial eater:
The occurrence of osteoporosis has the most direct relationship with the two major factors, that is, calcium and vitamin D. Insufficient calcium intake for a long time will inevitably lead to the occurrence of osteoporosis. The main source of calcium in the diet is pure milk, soybean products and soybean products and soybean products Green leafy vegetables, so people with partial eaten should be careful. People who do not drink milk and people who do not like to eat green leafy vegetables are relatively easy to get osteoporosis.

The sun is not seen for a long time:
There are also those who can hardly see the sun in indoor work all year round, which will inevitably lead to insufficient vitamin D in the body, which is also easy to cause osteoporosis.

lack of exercise
People who lack exercise are also more prone to osteoporosis, so moderate exercise every day is more conducive to bone health.

Hormone influence
The impact of hormone levels in the body after menopause can cause bone loss acceleration and more prone to osteoporosis.

For osteoporosis, many people will think of calcium supplementation for the first time, but they also need other material to coordinate each other and balance their diet to achieve the ideal purpose.


Choose more foods rich in calcium, such as:

Milk food: such as milk, dairy products, cheese, cheese, etc. (you can choose some low -fat or skimmed products to avoid too fat).

Sea products: seafood consumed by bones or shells, such as rice fish, dried silver fish and shrimp.

Bean categories: plate tofu, add calcium soy milk, vegetarian chicken, branches and bamboo skin, etc.

Vegetables: dark green vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, vegetable heart, etc.

Nagua: such as almonds and Zhilian

2. Maintain the average level of phosphorus

Calcium and phosphorus are a pair of stalls, and one must not be less. At 2: 1, calcium and phosphorus are easily deposited in bones. Unprecedented calcium and phosphorus ratio will affect the absorption and utilization of calcium. When calcium and phosphorus phosphorus, phosphorus and phosphorus will be used. Insufficient bone volume will be reduced.

3. Ensure enough vitamin A, D and protein

The absorption of calcium depends on their participation; Vitamin A: helps bone calcification. Vitamin D: Helps absorb calcium, such as egg yolk protein: an important role in the absorption and storage of calcium, but not excessive.

4. Reduce foods containing high salt, such as salted fish and soy sauce to destroy less calcium and lose.

5. Do not smoke and drink.

6 Drink less caffeine drinks such as coffee and strong tea.

How to check the bone density of the body

You can go to a medical place that specializes in bone density testing and use a professional bone density testing instrument to check your bone density.

Pinyuan Bone densitometer  is  for measuring the bone density or bone strength of the People’s forearm .


for Preventing osteoporosis.It is used to measure the human bone condition of adults/children of all ages,And reflect the bone mineral density of the whole body, the detection process is non-invasive to the human body, and is suitable for the screening of bone mineral density of all people.

Peripheral forearm bone mineral density testing is the industry gold standard


from children to old men should pay attention for their bone density

from children to old men should pay attention for their bone density

for the old man the bone density will affect their health and life

for the pregnant woman the bone density affects themself and fatus’ health


Post time: Nov-05-2022