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What is the difference between a child’s bone density test and a bone age test?

Bone density ≠ bone age

Bone mineral density is an important indicator of bone quality, one of the important health standards for children, and an effective method to understand the bone mineral content of children. Bone density measurement is an important basis for reflecting the degree of osteoporosis and predicting the risk of fracture. Bone age represents the developmental age, which is determined according to the specific image of the X-ray film. It reflects the maturity of the human skeleton better than the actual age, and is an indicator for evaluating the physical development of children.


What is bone density?

The full name of bone density is bone mineral density, which reflects bone strength and is an important indicator of bone quality. The growth of children not only requires the longitudinal growth of both ends of the bones, but also needs the bones to carry the weight of the whole body. The bone density accumulated by children in the growth of height is of great significance to prevent osteoporosis in adulthood and reduce the risk of fractures. It is an important indicator of bone health and development, and it is also an important basis for clinicians to supplement calcium, vitamin D and its active substances for children.

What is the Function of bone mineral density in children?

Bone mineral density can accurately reflect the development and maturity of bones in children and adolescence. Children are mostly accompanied by an increase in bone mineral deposition when their growth is accelerated. The characteristic increase in adolescence appears earlier, indicating the development and maturity of their bones. Earlier, the more severe the precocious puberty, the more obvious the increase of bone mineral content and bone density. The combination of bone mineral density and bone age tablets to assess bone age and age can improve its accuracy and has important clinical significance for evaluating sexual development status and the diagnosis of precocious puberty.

Post time: Aug-25-2022