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What is bone density?

Bone mineral density (BMD) is an important indicator of bone strength and quality.

What is ultrasonic bone density testing:

Ultrasonic bone mineral density (BMD) is a safe, reliable, fast and economical screening method for osteoporosis without radioactivity.


Ultrasound bone mineral density testing is suitable for the population

Premature/low birth weight, malnutrition, overweight, obese children; Suspected rickets (night terrors, sweating, chicken breasts, O-legs, etc.); Partial, picky food, anorexia and bad habits of children; Growth pain, night grinding and other developing adolescents.

Pregnancy 3, 6 months each measure bone density once, in order to timely supplement calcium; A breast-feeding woman.

Middle aged group
Women over 65 years old and men over 70 years old, no other risk factors for osteoporosis; Women under 65 years of age and men under 70 years of age with more than one risk factor (postmenopausal, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or coffee, physical inactivity, dietary calcium and vitamin D deficiency).

The rest of the population
A history of brittle fracture or a family history of brittle fracture; Low sex hormone levels caused by various reasons; X-ray shows changes in osteoporosis; Patients who need to monitor the curative effect of osteoporosis treatment; Have diseases that affect bone mineral metabolism (renal insufficiency, diabetes, chronic liver disease, hyperparathyroid gland, etc.) or take drugs that may affect bone mineral metabolism (such as glucocorticoids, antiepileptic drugs, heparin, etc.).


Significance of ultrasonic bone mineral density detection

(1) Detect the quality of bone, assist in the diagnosis of calcium and other nutritional deficiencies, and provide nutritional guidance.

(2) early diagnosis of osteoporosis and prediction of fracture risk.

(3) Through continuous testing, the effect of osteoporosis treatment was evaluated.

Advantages of ultrasonic bone mineral density testing

(1)  The detection is fast, convenient, accurate, no radiation, no trauma.

(2)  Is the best choice for early discovery of calcium deficiency and early rickets in children.

(3)  Is the most direct evidence to check calcium deficiency.

(4)  Bone mass early screening, bone health early know, welcome to my center consultation, together for bone health “bone” strength!

Post time: Mar-26-2022