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Ultrasonic bone density meter, the little guard of your bone health

Ultrasonic bone mineral density measurement for preventing children’s bone problems that may occur and the normal development, pregnancy is very important to calcium supplements, with more early found that the body is short of calcium, calcium deficiency will seriously affect the baby’s growth and development, leading to anorexia, monophagia, easy to catch a cold, can appear early sweat, irritability, crying, sleep not steadfast, thinning hair, head behind a pillow bald calcium (circle), Learn to walk, teething late or teething not neat, serious will appear square head, chicken breast, rib eversion, “X” or “O” type leg, will cause a lifetime impact on the child.


Pinyuan to provide you with high quality, simple, non-invasive bone mineral density detection method. Follow xiaobian to understand it!

Detection principle

Bone mineral density, or BMD, is a major indicator of bone strength. Acoustic wave conduction velocity and amplitude attenuation can reflect the mineral content and bone structure and bone strength.

To adapt to the scope of

1.3 months to 100 years of age.

2. Premature infants, twins, over-growing babies or babies born in winter;

3. Children who grow too fast and are obese; Children in peak growth: infancy, adolescence;

4. Frequently sick children; Teething or teething children;

5. Women in pregnancy and menopause; People with bad life and eating habits: smoking and drinking, strong tea and coffee, lack of exercise, picky food, etc.

6. People with familial osteoporosis tendency.

Significance of bone mineral density detection

1. Detect bone quality, assist in the diagnosis of calcium deficiency, guide nutritional intervention and treatment, and supplement calcium according to the results;

2. The evaluation of the nutritional status of the whole body is the prediction and evaluation of early diagnosis of osteoporosis and fracture risk;

3. Evaluate the therapeutic effect of osteoporosis through continuous testing.

Is there radiation in the bone density test?

Ultrasonic bone mineral density testing has the advantages of safety, non-invasive, non-radiation, non-pain, short detection time and accurate diagnosis, and has no adverse effects on pregnant women and children.

Post time: Mar-26-2022