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Ultrasonic bone density meter — let the invisible killer osteoporosis no hiding

Osteoporosis is a systemic bone disease caused by the decrease of bone density and quality, the destruction of bone microstructure, and the increase of bone fragility.

Ultrasonic bone density instrument

Ultrasonic bone density instrument is used to measure human SOS (ultrasonic speed) and parameters related to bone density through the tested tissue through water or coupling agent, calculate and reflect the value of human bone density, so as to diagnose the bone condition of the tested person. The higher the number, the higher the bone density.

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Optimal point

1. Non-invasive and non-radiation bone density analyzer has obvious advantages over X-ray bone density meter in measuring bone density, especially without radiation, which can completely avoid carcinogenic and teratogenic side effects of X-ray bone density meter.

2. high accuracy and repeatability.

Clinical application

1. After menopause in women, bone mineral density examination should be carried out in men after the age of 65, once or twice a year. Preventive measures should be formulated according to the examination to slow down the development of osteoporosis and prevent the occurrence of bone and joint diseases and fractures.

2. Pediatrics is mainly used in the detection, auxiliary diagnosis, etiology analysis and treatment observation of children’s nutritional deficiency and diseases.

3. Changes in bone mineral density during pregnancy and lactation in obstetrics and gynecology are caused by the growth and development needs of fetuses and infants. If there is no corresponding increase in calcium intake, bone calcium will be dissolved in large quantities, leading to bone calcium deficiency.

4. Endocrinology and Gerontology Osteoporosis is the most common degenerative bone disease in the middle-aged and elderly. It is not only related to endocrine changes, but also related to genetic and nutritional deficiency such as calcium.

5. Bone mineral density testing has been a routine item for middle-aged and elderly people with bone and joint diseases and fractures in orthopedics department. Some metabolic and hereditary diseases can be diagnosed by bone mineral density testing.

Early osteoporosis is very difficult to detect, so we need to detect the body’s osteoporosis in time, so that the appropriate medicine, the earlier the discovery of osteoporosis, the better for our body. Ultrasonic bone density analyzer has great reference value and guidance value for children’s physiological development and prevention of bone fracture risk in the elderly, and provides an advanced diagnostic means for osteoporosis.

Post time: Mar-26-2022