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The youth who is Twenty years old youth with fifty years old bone density, what is causing your bone loss?


Generally speaking, people begin to degenerate their bones from around the age of 35, and the older they are, the more prone to osteoporosis. However, the bone density of many young people in their 20s and 30s is already close to the level of over 50 years old. Next year, they will be young and in their prime, so why is there a problem of low bone density?

The bone strength of the human body reaches its peak at around 30, and then slowly enters the stage of degeneration, which can be said to be an irreversible physiological process. The degradation time may also be greatly advanced.

After the physical examination of many young people, they were surprised to find that the report said "osteopenia" or "even osteoporosis". I can't help but wonder: I am so young, how can I have osteoporosis! ?

Actually, it's really possible. This is related to the modern way of life: Many people order takeaway for meals, shop online for shopping, take a car when going out, go to work early and return late without seeing the sun, and the diet is not balanced. Especially in the hot weather now, staying at home with the air conditioner turned on all the time, it is quite comfortable to think about it... But osteoporosis at a young age is also caused by this.

Your bad eating habits are causing your bone loss.

In recent years, osteoporosis patients are becoming younger and younger. Unhealthy living and eating habits such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, often drinking carbonated drinks, strong tea, coffee, and lack of exercise are all causes of osteoporosis.

Once developed to a certain extent, it will become osteoporosis. Once suffering from osteoporosis, patients are prone to fractures, and in more severe cases, they may compress nerves and cause nerve dysfunction.

Common causes of osteoporosis in young adults:

Many young people have a heavy diet and eat salty food, but they don't know that calcium in the human body is excreted from the urine along with sodium. If you eat a lot of salt, you will excrete more sodium in your urine, and the loss of calcium in your body will also increase accordingly.

There are also many women who blindly lose weight in order to maintain their figure, eat less and have a partial eclipse, and do not have enough high-protein food intake. As a result, it not only leads to malnutrition, but also affects the growth and development of bones and bone mass.

There are also many young people who don't like sports, which will also cause bone tissue to automatically reduce bone mass. And some women who love beauty and whiteness are afraid of getting tanned and do not want to bask in the sun, which will also affect calcium absorption.

Smoking not only affects the formation of the bone peak, but even leads to a decrease in bone density. Excessive drinking will damage the liver function, which will affect the metabolism of vitamin D, which is not conducive to the metabolism of bones.

Some beauty-loving women take weight-loss pills for a long time to keep in shape, which is also a dangerous practice. Many weight-loss drugs have the function of inhibiting absorption. In addition, some women have too little body fat, which can easily cause endocrine disorders, reduce estrogen levels, and lead to osteoporosis.


one problems are actually preventable and curable. As long as "early prevention, early detection, and early treatment" can reduce the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis.

1. Calcium supplementation

Bones need calcium to form. When the bone density is low, calcium needs to be supplemented in time. It is recommended to drink 300ml of milk every day, because every 100ml of milk contains 104mg of calcium. Milk not only has high calcium content, but also absorbs it well. .

2. Sports

To keep fit, the main way is to exercise. You should take part in sports regularly, such as walking, jogging, or go to the gym for some appropriate exercise. Don’t stay at home all the time, go out to breathe fresh air. Generally, people who love fitness It is better than those who do not like to exercise. Of course, the bone density should be denser. Participating in sports can effectively improve bone density.

3. Sunbathing

Proper exposure to the sun can promote the synthesis of vitamin D by the human body through sunlight, and vitamin D can promote the absorption and utilization of calcium by the human body, and promote the deposition of calcium in the bones. In addition, eggs, seafood, and dairy products are good sources of vitamin D.

4. Control your weight

Proper weight is equally important for bones. Excessive weight will increase the load on the bones; and if the weight is too low, the chance of bone loss is significantly higher than normal. Therefore, it is best to control the weight within the normal range, neither fat nor thin.

5. Avoid carbonated beverages

Phosphate in carbonated drinks prevents the body from absorbing calcium, which weakens bones. Therefore, try to drink less carbonated beverages. For bones, mineral water is the most ideal, containing 150 mg of calcium per ml. Some mineral water not only quenches thirst, but also contains silicon, which also helps strengthen bones.


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Post time: Dec-03-2022