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Low bone density? Drink less four black drink, eat more four kinds of white food to enhance bone density!


Bone density is a quick way to simply judge the health of the bones, and it can also be used to predict the risk of osteoporosis. To put it bluntly, it means that the mineral content in the bone is reduced and the density is low. If the number is low to a certain value, It will lead to the occurrence of osteoporosis, prone to fractures, bone pain, and seriously affect the activities of daily life.


Bones are an important part of the human body, and people need the support and activities of bones to stand upright and move. Human bones also need nutritional intake, and most of human nutrition comes from food.

With the increase of age, the nutrients in the human bones are also constantly being lost. At this time, it is necessary to supplement nutrients in time, otherwise osteoporosis will appear, but eating too much of some foods will damage the bones!

Therefore, people with low bone density should eat less 4 black drink :

1. Cola

Cola is a carbonated beverage that can react with calcium in food to form calcium carbonate, which is insoluble in water, making bones unable to absorb calcium.

2. Coffee

Caffeine in coffee is the culprit of bone loss. Excessive intake will inhibit nephrase, reduce intestinal calcium absorption, and reduce bone calcium deposition.

3. Dark beer

Some people say that the silicon contained in dark beer can keep human bones strong, but excessive drinking will only affect the metabolic function of the liver, resulting in reduced absorption of calcium by bones and accelerated bone loss.

4. Strong tea

Caffeine and theophylline in tea can cause gastrointestinal motility to accelerate gastric acid secretion, reduce intestinal calcium absorption, and inhibit bone absorption.

Eat more white foods to supply bone nutrition and increase bone density:

1. White sesame

White sesame is a good food for calcium supplementation. For those who do not like to drink milk, they can eat 2-3 tablespoons of white sesame instead every day to supplement the lost calcium in the body.

2. Milk

Milk is rich in protein and calcium, magnesium and other trace elements needed by bones, and is easily absorbed by the body, but it should be noted that patients with lactose intolerance should not drink milk to supplement calcium.

3. Bone lipoprotein

Osteoprotein is called the "concrete" of bone, it can increase bone density, promote bone calcium deposition and inhibit bone resorption. Because 22% of the bone is composed of protein and collagen, bone lipoprotein can be supplemented to make the bone hard but not brittle and resilient like concrete.

4. Tofu

Tofu has the reputation of "vegetable meat" and is rich in calcium as a soy product. Magnesium, phosphorus and other trace elements needed by bones, women who eat more tofu can also supplement estrogen, which is very helpful in preventing menopausal osteoporosis.


In addition, to prevent osteoporosis, two things should be done frequently:

1. Always bask in the sun

The ultraviolet rays in the sun can promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in the intestines and reduce the excretion of calcium in the kidneys. Just like a gas station, calcium is continuously added to the bones.

2. Regular exercise

Moderate exercise can promote bone metabolism, promote bone formation, inhibit bone resorption, and maintain bone health.

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Post time: Nov-26-2022