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A wonderful review of the first day of the 87th CMEF, Pinyuan Medical meets you on the second day of 3G11 in Hall 3

The 87th China International Medical Device Expo kicked off yesterday (May 14th) at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)!

As a well-known professional manufacturer of health and medical equipment in China, Pinyuan Medical has made a dazzling debut in this CMEF with its dual energy X-ray bone density analyzer series, ultrasonic bone density detector series, lung function tester series, arteriosclerosis detector series, bone age tester series, and other products. With a complete product system, visitors have deeply felt the professional charm and brand value of Pinyuan Medical.

Next, take you to the Pinyuan Medical Booth! Let’s experience the grand opening day together.

This CMEF product source medical service is located at 3G11 in Hall 3, showcasing multiple series of health and medical equipment.

On the first day of the opening ceremony, there was a continuous stream of visitors, and the Pinyuan Medical Booth attracted many visitors, as well as industry insiders and customer friends who came to admire it.

The staff carefully receives every customer who comes and goes, explains the Pinyuan Medical series products with heart, and the customers express great appreciation for the professionalism of Pinyuan Medical products and services, actively seeking opportunities for cooperation between both parties.

In the constantly crowded Pinyuan Medical Exhibition Hall, Pinyuan staff dressed in uniform are kind and diligent, providing customers with detailed explanations of product knowledge and instrument operation. On the first day of the exhibition, colleagues are all passionate and full of fighting spirit! Waiting for the arrival of every customer friend.

On the first day of the exhibition, Pinyuan Medical’s booth attracted many customers. The exhibition will continue until May 17th. Pinyuan Medical is in booth 3, Hall 3G11. We look forward to your visit and exchange!

Post time: May-15-2023